《DK目击者丛书:伟大的科学家(英文原版)》(DK Eyewitness Books:Great Scientists)全彩版[PDF]

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In these 4 all-new titles-each with its own clip-art CD and wall chart-DK shines its Eyewitness spotlight on vital topics from the past, present, and future. While Mesopotamia explore the cradle of civilization and Great Scientists reveals the minds that shaped the modern world, China investigates the present-day culture of the most populous country on the planet, and Oil takes a look at the controversial substance responsible for the beginning-and, if we’re not careful, the end of life as we know it today.



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Zhang Heng

Roger Bacon

Galileo Galilei

William Harvey

Robert Hooke

Isaac Newtn

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

Benjamin Franklin

Joseph Banks

Georges Cuvier

Charles Darwin

Charles Babbage

Michael Faraday

Thomas Edison

Louis Pasteur

Dmitry Mendeleyev

Marie Curie

Ernest Rutherford

Albert Einstein

Alfred Wegener

Edwin Hubble

Francis Crick and James Watson

Alan Turing

James Lovelock

Dorothy Hodgkin

Richard Feynman

Stephen Hawking

Science and the future

Milestones in science

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The Nobel Prize